The Statue of Liberty, one of the symbolic structures of New York, regained its former glory after a long restoration process. The extensive restoration work, which began in 2021 and lasted for two years, included maintenance, repair and strengthening around the statue.

During the restoration process, the oxidized copper exterior of the statue was subjected to a detailed cleaning and repair process. In addition, the iron scaffolding in the interior has been strengthened with modern and durable materials. The restoration team attached great importance to preserving the historical texture of the statue, while remaining true to its original design.

During the restoration of the statue, some innovations were also made to improve the visitor experience. For example, a more modern and safe elevator system was added to replace the stairs to the top of the Statue of Liberty. Thus, visitors had the opportunity to climb to the top of the statue more comfortably and easily.

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After the restoration work was completed, the reopening of the Statue of Liberty was met with great excitement. The statue continues to be an important tourist attraction for local and foreign tourists and continues to carry the message of freedom, democracy and unity with its symbolic value.

With these restoration works, it was aimed to transfer the Statue of Liberty to future generations in a more robust and magnificent way. The Statue of Liberty, which is an important symbol for the people and visitors of New York, will continue to exist as an unforgettable monument in the coming years, preserving its historical and cultural value.

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